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Superannuation, Disability and Income Protection

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In normal circumstances your superannuation is your nest-egg for retirement. However when one of life’s challenges occurs unexpectedly one option may be to make a claim under your superannuation, either for an insured benefit such as Income Protection or Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), or for a payment out of your superannuation fund in certain circumstances.

At Manfield & Co we have the expertise to guide you through the hazards of fine print in these matters, whether you wish to access your superannuation early due to personal injury or illness, or make a claim for the death benefit of a loved one, or an income protection or Total and Permanent Disablement claim due to injury.

It may be possible to claim for either total and permanent disability (TPD), and/or Income Protection benefits, provided you elected to take out this insurance cover with your superannuation fund when you joined the fund, or at least prior to your injury.  TPD and Income Protection benefits are insurance benefits with the insurance premium usually paid from the accumulated balance of your superannuation fund.  You  can usually check whether you have either or both of these benefits by checking your most recent superannuation fund statement.

It is worth exploring these options when seeking our advice regarding an injury you or a family member have suffered, whatever the cause.

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Total and permanent disability claims (TPD)

You may have TPD insurance cover as part of your superannuation as an insured benefit.

Income Protection benefits

If you are unable to work and you have an insured Income Protection benefit under your superannuation policy, you may be able to claim for Income Protection. The precise qualifying tests and entitlements will vary from policy to policy, so it is important to seek advice regarding the particular policy that you may have as part of your superannuation.

Let Manfield & Co interpret the fine print in your policy for you.

Death benefits

If a relative has passed away, we can assist with dealing with their superannuation fund regarding payment out of the accrued balance and, if applicable, any death benefit.

When you are faced with difficult circumstances we can help by making sure you receive your full entitlements.

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